Adrienne Howarth-Moore, Associate Vice President for Human Resources

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On May 27, 2019, Adrienne Howarth-Moore, MBA, RN, COHN-S/CM, assumed the position of the university’s Associate Vice President for Human Resources. Adrienne has been with the university since 2009, when she accepted the role of Director of HealthPoint and established an on-campus occupational health program and clinic to treat minor work injuries and provide required health programs for principal investigators and lab staff involved in animal care and use. Soon after, the HealthPoint department expanded to incorporate the Employee Assistance Program and hire the first Work-life Balance and Wellness Manager for staff and faculty. Two years later Adrienne became the Director of Human Resources. In that most recent position she has provided leadership and direction in the areas of absence management, health and welfare benefits, retirement programs, occupational health, workers’ compensation, workplace violence risk prevention, work/life integration and wellness programs.

Before joining the university, Adrienne held roles with Freescale Semiconductor and Motorola. Her background includes experience with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, workplace environment, health and safety standards, and state and federal labor, employment and privacy laws.

Adrienne holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from UT Austin, as well as an Executive Master of Business Administration from Texas Woman's University. She is a licensed Registered Nurse, Certified Occupational Health Case Manager and Certified Occupational Health Nurse Specialist. 

Offices Overseen

Human Resource

Human Resource is the first point of assistance for department customers and serves as a clearinghouse for information about university benefits, employment opportunities, and department services.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The EAP strives to embrace diversity and cultivate inclusion in all aspects of its operations to best serve all our clients.

Healthpoint Wellness

The overall goal of the HealthPoint Wellness Program is to improve the health and well-being of faculty and staff. We accomplish our mission through improving policies and the environment to make it easier to be healthy on campus. We also provide educational opportunities and wellness programs.