Accounting & Financial Management

Interim Assistant Vice President for Accounting and Financial Management, Lori Peterson

Accounting & Financial Management provides a range of financial services and operations to support the fiscal integrity of the University. Through strong stewardship of the university’s financial resources, enforcement of effective policy, procedures, and internal controls, and through accurate financial reporting, we strive to serve the university’s diverse customer base and safeguard the public trust through responsive and reliable financial management.

Our Goals:

  • To provide the best customer service possible to the University while promoting an environment of collaboration and integrity
  • Follow appropriate financial practices that give our teams the ability to produce accurate and reliable financial statements
  • Mindfully evaluate business processes and create more meaningful reporting, creating ways to more effectively support the University 


Our Services:

Administration Services
Administration Services provides quality customer service in the areas of Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification, Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (W-9), credit references, notary public services, check distribution, and maintenance of the Vendor Indentification System.

Bursar Services
Bursar (Cashier) Services is responsible for properly documenting and collecting monies owed to the university by students, faculty, staff such as tuition registration feeds, fines and charges, housing, parking, health center charges among others. 

Cash Management Services
Cash Management Services provides a variety of services related to incoming wires, outgoing wires, ACH funds, petty cash funds, State Appropriations, and credit card processing.

Federal Costing
The Federal Costing department’s key functions include Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Rate proposals and compliance,  review of Service Centers including budge review, compliance of external services, monitoring of Special Use Facilities, and production of the AFR Schedule 1a.

Financial Accounting and Reporting
Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) ensures the financial integrity of the university by managing funds in accordance with sound accounting principles and appropriate policies, laws, and regulations, providing accurate and timely reports, and ensuring costs charged to the university’s various missions are properly allocated. FAR provides monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for various internal and external constituencies, including UT System Administration, government agencies, higher education organizations, external auditors, and internal university departments.  

Independent Contractor and Taxes
The IC/Taxes department coordinates tax groups across campus, withholds and remits taxes to the IRS, issues tax forms and reviews and approves payments for services provided by individual as independent contractors and non-payroll payments to US and foreign individuals and businesses.

Inventory Services
Inventory Services is responsible for the overall accounting management of university capital and controlled assets by ensuring correct procedures are followed, assisting departments in accounting for their inventory by tracking assets from acquisition to disposal, and accurately reporting required data to the State of Texas Comptroller and federal and non-federal sponsors.

Payment Information Services
Payment Information Services acts as a clearing house for check services, inter-departmental transfer of documents, unclaimed property reporting, and the monthly closing of financial information.

Payroll Services
Payroll Services is responsible for producing and distributing payroll for approximately 25,000 employees, tax reporting and compliance, nonresident alien tax compliance, and administration, compliance, and reporting related to retirement and insurance.

Plant Funds
The Plants Funds department facilitates the accounting, reporting, capital budgeting, forecasting and planning for university plant funds used for construction, renovation, infrastructure development, and acquisition of capital assets.

Risk Management
Risk Management administers both insurance risk management and enterprise risk management program and oversees the Red Flags Rule program and the Expense Account Certification System.

Student Accounts Receivable
Student Accounts Receiveable (SAR) is responsible for preparing tuition statements, issuing student account bills, collecting outstanding tuition or loan balances, generating 1098-T Tax forms, and addressing students’ questions related to their student account activity. SAR also oversees the Perkins Loan Program.