Enterprise Business Information Technology Solutions

Associate Vice President: Dana Chapman

Under the leadership of Associate Vice President Dana Chapman, Enterprise Business Information Technology Solutions (EBITS), in partnership with business leaders across campus, aims to modernize the university’s systems, business processes, data management, and technical architecture to allow the university to continue to grow and innovate in a sustainable environment, directing more resources to our core mission of teaching, research, and service.

Our Projects

Administrative Systems Modernization Program (ASMP)
ASMP is an initiative with many related projects born out of the 2012 Administrative Systems Master Plan to fulfill three requirements: create business driven systems and data management, modernize the administrative IT infrastructure, and strengthen the systems development process. As part of ASMP, Workday was chosen to replace the university’s human resources, payroll, and financial systems, and new services and products were launched including the MyUT Student portal, the UTLearn employee training management system, DocuSign e-signature, a new administrative systems technical architecture, and the Institutional Data Store, Tableau, and Web Services.  For more information, visit modernizing.utexas.edu.

Workday Implementations
 The university has chosen Workday to serve our Human Capital Management (HCM), Payroll, and Financials needs. Workday, a cloud-based solution, will provide the university with room to grow and great promise for a sustainable future where our energies are devoted to solving university-level challenges, not on maintaining the routine. For more information, visit workday.utexas.edu.

Our Governance

Workday Steering Committee
The Workday Steering Committee, co-chaired by the Associate Vice President for Human Resources and by the Controller and Assistant Vice President of Accounting and Financial Management, is charged with decision making, leadership, and building consensus for the Workday Implementation program. With the support of the Workday team, this committee will act as the core governing body for the Workday Implementation Project (HCM/Payroll and Financials projects) and is made up of a broad-base of campus leadership from Faculty, Chief Business Officers, Business Process Owners, Internal Audits and Administrative IT.

Advisory Groups
Among the many advisory groups that assist the program in its drive to successful Workday implementations are the Council of University Business Officers (CUBO) and HR Consortium. 

Independent Verification & Validation of Workday and ASMP
In May 2016, President Gregory L. Fenves requested an IV&V Assessment of Workday and the Administrative Systems Modernization Program. Such assessments are a common practice among large programs and projects, particularly in government, and are used to check and validate products will meet requirements and fulfill their intended purposes. For more information, including full reports and executive summaries, visit the Workday IV&V page.  

Our Campus Partners

The Workday Implementation Project teams are fortunate to be working in partnership with key groups across campus that include the Faculty, Chief Business Officers in each College, School, Vice Presidential Portfolio, their leadership and staffs, and the leadership and staffs in Human Resources, Budget, Payroll, Financial Management, Financial Aid, Academic Personnel Services, Procurement and Payment Services, Institutional Research, Internal Audit, and ERP IT leadership throughout campus. 


Dana Chapman participates on several statewide boards, including holding the position of Secretary on the Board of Directors for the Texas Association of Statewide Systems Computing and Communication (TASSCC), whose mission is to advance education and networking among professionals supporting Information Technology for the Texas Public Sector; and as a member of the Texas Enterprise Information Systems group, a Texas state data-focused group coordinated by the Chief Data Office of the State of Texas to encourage data standards, education, and information sharing across all public state agencies and higher education institutions.