Human Resources

Interim Associate Vice President: Adrienne Howarth-Moore

The University of Texas at Austin is one of the largest employers in Austin, Texas and is committed to service, education, community, and innovation. Human Resources supports the university in attracting, developing, and retaining a highly qualified and diverse workforce.

Our Vision and Services

The vision of Human Resources (HR) is to make The University of Texas at Austin the premier employer in Austin, Texas, the nation and the world.

Administrative Services

Administrative Services provides logistical, financial, budgetary, training, and development services to the HR operating units and also houses the conflict management and dispute resolution office which provides conflict resolution and mediation services to the campus.


The Benefits unit consults with employees on various forms of indirect employee compensation programs, services and policies. These programs are designed to attract and retain our staff and faculty and include offerings such as health, disability and other insurances, paid and unpaid leaves, retirement income and planning, the staff educational benefit, as well as benefits mandated by federal, state or local laws and regulations such as workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits.


The HealthPoint unit consists of three distinct programs, all designed to promote balance, well-being and safety in the lives of our most valuable asset— our staff and faculty. These programs include our HealthPoint Employee Assistance Program, HealthPoint Occupational Health Program and our HealthPoint Work-life Balance and Wellness Program. These programs implement strategies and interventions for individuals and campus-wide that result in improved employee health and effectiveness in the workplace.

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Human Resource Service Center

The Human Resource Service Center (HRSC) is the first point of assistance for department customers, and serves as a clearinghouse for information about university benefits, employment opportunities, and department services.

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Organization Effectiveness

Organization Effectiveness (OE) provides comprehensive organizational and human resource strategy consulting to colleges, schools and administrative units. Coordinates and delivers employee and leadership development programs, which maximize staff and faculty performance and effectiveness.

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Strategic Workforce Solutions

Strategic Workforce Solutions (SWS) consults with colleges, schools, administrative units and employees regarding performance management, recruiting, staffing, flexible workplace and compensation strategies that result in high productivity, high employee morale and satisfaction, and increased departmental effectiveness.

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Workforce Planning and Analysis

This unit provides management with reliable, up-to-date workforce research and metrics in support of evidence-based planning and decision making.