Procurement and Payment Services

The offices of Procurement, Business Contracts, Payment Services, and the Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) and Small Business (SB) Program are unified under one central unit, the Department of Procurement and Payment Services. By consolidating these departments, we will improve functionality, collaboration, and will streamline processes while improving communication and transparency to more effectively serve our campus stakeholders.

Our Services:

Payment Services
Led by Assistant Director Cindy Gregg, Payment Services creates, reviews, and approves documents, maintains the vendor identification system and generates payments to vendors. This office also includes Accounts Payable, Travel Services, Scholarship and Fellowship Services, and the Vendor Identification (VID) Section

Business Contracts
Led by Business Contracts Administrator Linda Shaunessy, the Business Contracts Office provides review, approval, and execution of business contracts required for the procurement of services and oversees the handling of agreements when the University provides services.

Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) and Small Businesses (SB)
Led by Director Tiffany Dockery Gibson, the HUB/SB Office maintains a commitment to increasing the number of contracts awarded to small businesses, and women-, veteran- and minority-owned businesses, by creating a fair and open competitive market and improving community awareness.

Purchasing Office
Led by Interim Assistant Director Terri Shrode, the Purchasing Office is responsible for the procurement of all supplies, materials, equipment, and services for the University. Our mission is to procure goods and services to sustain, foster, and support the educational and research missions of the University. We strive to maintain the most efficient operations while adhering to the requirements of university, state, and federal laws, rules, and procedures.