FAS Leadership Search: Assistant Vice President for Campus Security and Chief of Police

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This position is responsible for the effective leadership, management and operation of the University of Texas at Austin Police Department (UTPD) including planning, organizing and directing the activities of the department and ensuring that community safety and security is assured, state laws and The University of Texas System Board of Regents’ Rules and Regulations are enforced and appropriate measures are implemented to prevent crime, protect the campus and provide for the public safety of the university community. This includes the campus proper, contiguous student population centers and neighborhoods, as well as geographically separated university facilities.

Essential Functions

Promote programs and philosophies that reflect best practices and successful applied research efforts nationally in law enforcement and public safety, and that are consistent with the direction and oversight provided by the UT System Office of Director of Police (ODOP). Provide tireless, collaborative and inspirational leadership to a full service law enforcement agency focused on community-oriented policing in an urban center and metropolitan area.

The Chief of Police works closely and successfully with the senior university leadership; all academic, administrative and service units of the university; federal, state and local law enforcement; and other public safety agencies. This work requires close consultation with senior leadership as best plans, practices and procedures are identified for conducting university police operations. The incumbent understands the status of the University of Texas System Police as a single state law enforcement agency and acknowledges, understands and is familiar with the relationship between the Chief of Police and the Director of Police; understands University of Texas System Policy 170: Oversight for Law Enforcement and Security for the University of Texas System, ODOP Policy 104: Law Enforcement Authority, and ODOP Policy 105: Jurisdiction of a University of Texas System Police Officer, as well as the most current ODOP Annual Report to the UT System Board of Regents; the incumbent ensures that the university police department is in compliance with the requirements established in ODOP Policy 107: Inspection and Staff Assistance Program.

The Chief of Police coordinates with internal and external organizations and stakeholders regarding major activities held on campus, including but not limited to: the legitimate expression of right to free speech and assembly, athletic events, concerts, speakers’ series, commencements and student/public assemblies; oversees, assesses and responds to critical campus law enforcement, public safety and security concerns, issues and situations; ensures that appropriate threat assessment/management and risk mitigation measures are in place and ensures the capacity of the department to respond to catastrophic events, either criminal or natural in origin. The Chief of Police manages the departmental operating budget, establishes an ongoing strategic plan for the department, as well as ensuring staff development, succession planning and stewardship. The Chief of Police serves as the primary spokesperson for the institution on law enforcement, public safety and security matters.

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