HBP Part 20.2.5. UT Codes and Prefixes

Handbook of Business Procedures

Date published: October 23, 2012
Last revised: October 23, 2012
Issued by: Records Management Service


A. Introduction

A UT Code (e.g. AALL025, REG329) is used to identify a record series in The University of Texas Records Retention Schedule (UTRRS) and is developed by the university records management officer (RMO). A UT Code prefix is the three or four letters at the beginning of a UT Code and generally refers to the department that is authorized to use the UT Code. The numeric portion of the UT Code is a unique identifier.

Records created through common administrative and operational functions of the university at the department level are grouped with the prefix AALL, which indicates they are for use by all departments. Examples of these types of records include:

  • human resource records
  • financial and administrative records
  • academic processes
  • correspondence

Some UT Codes are designated for records created through specific processes and are assigned a prefix of three or four letters to indicate the department for which it was created. Some examples include:

  • Records created through processes unique to a department or a division, such as traffic ticket records, which are retained by Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) using UT Code PTS788 Tickets/Citations Issued.
  • Master records managed at the enterprise level by an administrative unit, such as final semester grades, which are retained by the Registrar’s Office using UT Code REG349 Original Grade Sheets.

If a department creates a type of record that is not found in the UTRRS, the department must contact Records Management Services (RMS) to develop a retention code for the record, so the record may be retained appropriately. Records that do not have a UT Code in the UTRRS must not be disposed.

B. Using UT Code Prefixes to Determine Which UT Code to Use

When determining which UT code to use, consider the following circumstances:

  • No Applicable UT Code
    If a department cannot find an applicable UT Code for a record, contact RMS for assistance with finding the correct UT Code or creating a UT Code to be added to the UTRRS.
  • Two Applicable UT Codes, One With AALL Prefix and One With Special Prefix
    If a department finds two applicable UT Codes with different prefixes, the department must use the AALL UT Code, unless the prefix refers to its department. For example, AALL408 and CTL408 are both titled Official Course Instructor Surveys, however, only the Center for Teaching and Learning may use UT Code CTL408.
  • No UT Code With AALL Prefix, Applicable UT Code With Special Prefix Exists
    If the department cannot find an AALL prefix, but there is a non-AALL prefix that applies to a record, the department must contact RMS for approval to use the specialized code.

C. List of UT Code Prefixes

AALL – All university schools or departments. To be used by any department or school within the university, providing a unique code is not listed for that department or school.

ACC – Accounting and Financial Management

ADM – Office of Admissions

ATG – Art Teaching Gallery—Blanton Museum

BUD – Budget Office

CAR – UT Career Center

CEE – Extension and Continuing Education

CMH – Counseling and Mental Health Center

CTL – Center for Teaching and Learning

DSO – Dean of Students

DUR – Development and University Relations

EDO – College of Education

EHS – Environmental Health and Safety Office

EIM – Extension Instruction & Material Center

ENR – College of Engineering

EOS – Equal Opportunity Services

EVP – Executive Vice President and Provost

GFO – Office of General Faculty

GS – Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies

GSB – Graduate School of Business

HPO – Health Professions Office

HR – Human Resource Services

HRH – Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

IA – Internal Audits

ICA – Intercollegiate Athletics

IO – International Office

IR – Institutional Reporting, Research, and Information Systems

IT – Information Technology

JSG – Jackson School of Geosciences

KUT – KUT Radio

LBJ – LBJ School of Public Affairs

LIB – General Libraries

MCD – McDonald Observatory

NUR – School of Nursing

OCS – Office of Compliance Services

OMB – Ombudsperson

OP – Office of the President

ORS – Office Research Services

OSP – Office of Sponsored Projects

PAY – Payroll

PTS – Parking and Transportation Services

PUR – Purchasing

REC – Recreational Sports

REG – Office of the Registrar

RMUE – Relationship Management and University Events

SFS – Student Financial Services

SLC – Sanger Learning and Career Center

SWO – School of Social Work

UCD – University Child Development Center

UCS – University Charter School

UHS – University Health Services

UIL – University Interscholastic League

UPD – UT Police Department

VPB – Vice President for Business Affairs

VPR – Vice President for Research

VPS – Vice President for Student Affairs



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