HBP Part 7.8.1 Applying for a Procard

Handbook of Business Procedures

Date published: September 7, 2018
Last revised: September 7, 2018
Issued by: Purchasing


The Procurement Card (Procard) works much like a credit card and carrying one is a privilege based on trust. Any person applying for a Procard must be an employee of The University of Texas at Austin. The steps outlined below must be followed in order to obtain a Procard.

A. Read the Policy

In order to obtain a Procard, a university employee must first read the information in this handbook. Cardholders must adhere to all procurement and payment policies and guidelines.

B. Pass Procard Compliance Training

A Procard applicant must complete and pass the Procard Compliance Module (DE 0620). Upon completion of this online training, the applicant will be automatically directed to the Procard application. All Procard cardholders must complete this compliance training on an annual basis.

C. Complete the Application

Some Procard information will be auto-populated on the application based on the cardholder’s DPUSER profile. Applicants will need to provide a Bank Activation number and a default account number that all Procard transactions will default to for payment. If any information on the application is missing or incorrect, it will not be processed.

The signatures required on the application must be obtained before an application will be processed. These signatures will be validated using the default account number given on the application. 

  1. Get signatures

    Signature Required on Form


    Card Holder Signature

    The applicant/individual who the card will be issued to.

    Department Head or Administrative Official

    Someone with signature authority for the default account number on this card. The *DEFINE GBS screen lists official and designated signers for an account.

    CSU Business Officer Approval

    Determined by the unit associated with the default account number as displayed on the OHS Contacts System list of Business Officers.

    Departmental Payment Approval Logon

    The mainframe logon ID for an individual who is on the final VP7 approval desk for the default account number.

    Note: In the case where the cardholder or applicant has signature authority for the Procard’s default account number, approvals cannot include a signature by the cardholder or the cardholder’s subordinate unless the cardholder is a unit administrator or department head of a budgetary unit.

    Note: Electronic signatures will only be accepted if the signature can be validated.

  2. Review/update default limits

    If the applicant requires a higher limit than the default limits stated on the application, they can request this on the application by crossing out the stated limits and writing new limits. The authorized signers for the application must initial all changes. If no initials are provided next to the changes, the changes will not be applied to the card and the default limits will be used.

  3. Submit the application

    Once all signatures have been obtained, the application must be sent via email to purchasing-procards@austin.utexas.edu or via campus mail to the Purchasing Office D0300.

D. Card Arrives

After the application has been validated and processed by the Procard Administrator, it will take two to three business days before the card arrives from the bank. The Procard Administrator will notify cardholders when their card arrives and request a convenient time for card pickup.

E. Card Pick Up Process

  1. Agree to cardholder policy and expectations

    Before Procurement Cards are distributed, all cardholders will be required to review policy and sign an acknowledgment form. This form outlines cardholder policy and expectations that the cardholder must adhere to as stated in Part 7.8.2 Procard Responsibilities and Liabilities.

    Failure to adhere to cardholder policy and expectations may result in actions including, but not limited to, the card being suspended or cancelled.

  2. In-person pick up

    Procards will only be given out by appointment. Cardholders will need to reply to the Procard arrival notification email from the Procard Administrator with the date and time they would like to pick up their card. Only cardholders can pick up their Procard.

    All pickups will be done at 1616 Guadalupe St., UTA RM 3.302. Cardholders will be given a half-hour window to pick up their card between the hours of 8:30 a.m.-noon and 1-4:30 p.m.

    Cards will not be given out at any other time unless prior arrangements have been made with the Procard Administrator. The applicant must present a valid form of photo identification prior to receiving the Procard. A UT Austin ID or State of Texas ID is acceptable.

  3. Off-campus pick ups

    If cardholders are located outside of the Austin area or in the case when physical pick up is not possible, they can request a copy of their acknowledgement form, which must be signed in blue ink, scanned, and sent by email to the Procard Administrator. In the email, cardholders must include information about how their card can be securely shipped to them, by either giving a FEDEX account number or including a prepaid mailing slip. The Purchasing Office is not responsible for payment of this shipment. Instructions on policy and activation will be included when the card is mailed out.

    In addition, cardholders must mail the original physical copy of their acknowledgment form to the Attention of Procard Administrator; 1616 Guadalupe St. UTA RM 3.302 Austin Texas, 78701.

F. Card Activation

When cardholders receive their Procard, the card is not activated. Cardholders must either call the bank or go online to activate the card. Information about how to activate the card will be supplied with the new card. Cardholders are also required to set up a chip PIN when activating the card.

  1. Social Security Number vs. Bank Activation Number

    When cardholders contact the bank, the bank may ask them for the last four numbers of their “social security number,” “employee verification number,” or “employee ID number.” The bank does not have access to a cardholder’s social security number. The number the bank is referring to is the four-digit Bank Activation number cardholders gave on their original application. To protect against fraudulent activity, only the cardholder should know the Bank Activation number. It should not be shared with anyone.

    Cardholders will be asked for their Bank Activation number any time they call the bank. This is done to validate their identity.

    If cardholders cannot recall this number, they may contact the Procard Administrator for assistance. The Procard Administrator will never share protected cardholder information via email.

  2. Chip PIN

    All university Procards include a chip PIN. The chip PIN will be used at any physical location that has a Chip PIN machine activated.

    Cardholders will be prompted to set up a chip PIN when activating their card with the bank. This chip PIN is different from the Bank Activation number and should not be the same. The chip PIN will be used at any location where a vendor has a chip PIN reader.

    The chip PIN makes the Procard act much like a debit card with some important distinctions. The chip PIN encrypts the cards information and does not allow a terminal access to that information until the cardholder has entered the chip PIN.

    When cardholders insert their cards into a chip PIN reader, they will be prompted to enter their chip PIN. Cardholders will only have three attempts to get their chip PIN correct. After the third attempt, the card will become locked and the cardholder will have to call the bank to reset it.

    If a vendor has a chip PIN reader activated, the cardholder is required to use it. A forced, manual transaction (typing card number manually) by the vendor in lieu of using the chip PIN reader may compromise the card information and leave the card vulnerable to fraud.



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