HBP Part 7.8.6 Bank Information

Handbook of Business Procedures

Date published: September 7, 2018
Last revised: September 7, 2018
Issued by: Purchasing


The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts has a contract with Citibank to operate the State of Texas Commercial Charge Card Program. Citibank has put specific protocols in place to make sure that Procards are kept secure. Only cardholders can speak directly with the bank. When cardholders call  the bank, they will be asked to verify their identity.

All information the bank retains on record was supplied by cardholders when they first applied for their card on their original application. Below is general information; however, cardholders must not share this information with anyone and should keep this information in a secure location. If cardholders have any questions regarding this information, they may contact the Procard Administrator.

A. Cardholder Information

It is important that cardholders inform the Procard Administrator if any information changes from that of their original application so that this information is updated on their bank profile.

  1. Bank Activation number

    When cardholders contact the bank, the bank may ask them for the last four numbers of their “social security number,” “employee verification number,” or “employee ID number.” The bank does not have access to a cardholder’s social security number. The number the bank is referring to is the four-digit Bank Activation number cardholders gave on the original application. To protect against fraudulent activity, only the cardholder should know the Bank Activation number. It should not be shared with anyone.

    Cardholders will be asked for their Bank Activation number any time they call the bank. This is done to validate their identity.

    If cardholders cannot recall this number, they may contact the Procard Administrator for assistance. The Procard Administrator will never share protected cardholder information via email.

  2. Phone number

    The phone number associated with the Procard is the number given on the cardholder’s original application. If the phone number changes, the cardholder should contact the Procard Administrator and request an update to the cardholder’s records.

B. Online Banking

Citibank offers an option for digital banking that assists cardholders or card managers by providing a simple way to verify and track transactions.

  1. CitiDirect Global Card Management System (GCMS)

    CitiDirect Global Card Management System (GCMS) is a secure web-based card management tool available to cardholders and reconcilers/card managers.

    GCMS allows cardholder maintenance activities, custom data collection fields and flags, and a variety of mapping features to code credit card transactions before final review by cardholders.

    It also allows editing and allocation of transactions to specific accounts, transaction review, transaction approval by cardholders, and management of transactions. It is also possible to split an individual charge to multiple accounts. Additionally, there are a variety of standardized reports, including transaction logs and expense reports, the ability to export information for custom reports, and long-term storage of transaction information (more than three years from the purchasing day) options. Transaction information edited in GCMS will be reflected on that Procard’ s VP7 document.

    1. Cardholder

      To view recent activity, log in to the CitiDirect Global Card Management System. Refer to the Citibank Procard Cheat Sheet for additional instructions. Cardholders must not share their login information with anyone.

      A cardholder’s login information is directly associated with their card number. If a cardholder receives a new card, they must create a new login or contact the Procard Administrator to have this new card number linked to their old login information.

    2. Card Manager

      Individuals who will be managing a card on behalf of an individual or a college, school, or unit (CSU) must contact the Procard Administrator by email to request to be set up as a Card Manager in GCMS. This will allow them access to view  Procard information for their CSU. Include the cardholder’s name and the last four digits on the card.

    A GCMS login is only active for 90 days and will require a password reset if a login attempt has not been made within that 90-Day period. Contact the Procard Administrator for assistance with reactivating a GCMS login. 

  2. Resources

    For more detailed instructions about logging in and viewing and splitting transactions, see the CitiDirect Global Card Management System (GCMS) Cardholder Quick Reference Guide

    To log in to your Citibank Procard account to view and update transactions, go to CitiDirect Global Card Management System (GCMS).

C. University Liability

The State of Texas Procard contract terms state that the university may be liable for late payment fees and transaction charges where fraud occurred, if those fraudulent charges are not reported immediately. The university will have no liability for transactions that occur after notification is made of a compromised card. For unauthorized purchases made prior to the report of fraudulent card use or of a lost or stolen card, university liability is limited.

D. Bank Liability

If Procard information is compromised, it is imperative that the bank and Procard Administrator be notified immediately. The cardholder only has 60 days from the transaction date listed on the statement to report any compromised transactions to the bank. The university is responsible for all charges incurred against a card until the bank receives notification that the card has been compromised, lost, or stolen. The university’s liability is limited. 



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