2022 Leadership Growth Program

From September 20 to October 8, UT Learning & Development will be accepting applications for the FAS Leadership Growth Program (FAS LGP). We highly encourage anyone interested in applying to the program to attend one of the two information sessions being offered. Registration is required.

We ask that supervisors encourage high potential leaders who are in historically underrepresented groups to consider applying to the program.

Information sessions will provide details on the application process, the program curriculum, and the program philosophy.

FAS LGP develops current and future leaders at The University of Texas. Participants undergo extensive professional development based on an evolving curriculum of leadership principles, theory, and concepts.

This program is currently limited to staff who have been full-time employees within the Financial and Administrative Services portfolio for at least 12 months prior to January 2022. The program runs from January to July, meeting weekly for 2-hour sessions.

Learn more and register for the information sessions on the FAS LGP webpage.

people in virtual meeting
Sept. 10, 2021