Announcing UT Works Project to Replace FAMIS and WORQS

Dear FAS colleagues,

I am excited to announce the launch of UT Works, a new project that will allow us to better manage our physical spaces, improve the delivery of mission-critical services, and streamline our workflows across the Financial and Administrative Services (FAS) portfolio. This new project will transform many of our business processes and strengthen our technical tools that will support the university’s future growth.

As part of the university’s new 10-year strategic plan “Change Starts Here,” public spaces are seen as opportunities to advance the mission and values of the university. The strategic plan outlines goals for building new spaces as well as maintaining and transforming existing spaces to enhance and advance student learning, staff support, and faculty research.

The two primary applications we currently use are not prepared to meet the future needs of the university. The Facility and Asset Management Information System (FAMIS) used for managing and maintaining the campus’ physical environment is rapidly approaching its end of life and will no longer be supported by vendors for operations or security risks. Similarly, the Work Order Request and Query System (WORQS) is tightly coupled with FAMIS and is limited by the inability of FAMIS to provide the additional data and integration that will be indispensable for managing repairs, renovations, and new construction projects.

We need modern data and work management systems along with standardized business processes and best practices to deliver the most efficient and effective results. UT Works will deliver a system of solutions that support our capital projects, work management, facilities asset management, warehouse inventory management, location inventory management, and cost tracking.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, and this multi-phase project will be thoughtfully rolled out over the next several years with the full involvement of our many stakeholders within FAS and across the university, working together and collaborating on decisions, designs, functionality, and processes. This will be an opportunity for us all to look at what’s possible, play an active role in being part of the solution, and reimagine how we can better support the university.

An important guiding principle of this rollout is our understanding that any new software or business process is fundamentally about the people who will use the new system. The success of this project and the strategic plan’s vision for the university’s public places ultimately depend on your success. All UT Works users will eventually need training in the new tools, standardized business processes, and best practices. Part of the project rollout includes comprehensive plans to provide you with the training and support you will need. The UT Works project will ensure that you gain the necessary skills to work in the new system, and we plan to do whatever it takes to help you succeed.

This initiative will allow us to continue working together to discover better ways we can support students, staff, and faculty and live up to the university’s ambition, Change Starts Here, while living our core values of teamwork, innovation, stewardship, and service.


Darrell Bazzell, signature

Darrell Bazzell (he/him/his)
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
The University of Texas at Austin

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Sept. 12, 2022