eBITS Diversity & Inclusion Committee Highlights

The eBITS Diversity & Inclusion Committee was launched in April 2019 with the goal of analyzing how we can gain greater understanding of Diversity and Inclusion topics as a unit, how we can adjust our processes and planning to consider diversity in all that we do. We meet monthly and have various subcommittees for individual programs.

eBITS Exchange / Good Neighbors / INDEX

The eBITS Exchange was created in order to give team members the chance to make connections across teams, learn from each other, and work on professional or personal goals. Employees were paired by mutual advance agreement or based on matches to submitted surveys with a goal of meeting four times over six-week cycles.

With the onset of the pandemic, our department suddenly transitioned into remote work and, like many in our community, was now limiting in-person interactions to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. To help each other through this sudden change and to keep our connections strong, the eBITS Exchange was modified into a program called “Good Neighbors.” Similar to the Exchange program, employees were matched with a checkin “neighbor” for either quick weekly check-ins or longer meetings.

With the desire to get back to more of an Exchange format and to include other organizations outside of eBITS, the team created a new program called Interdepartmental Exchange (INDEX). The first cycle of this program will include matchups with members of Academic Information Systems (AIS) and a mentoring option which started in AIS. We are excited to see where this leads and hope to make many more connections in the future!

eBITS Diversity & Inclusion Resources Wiki

The Committee regularly shared articles, events, and books on D & I-related topics and sought to organize and display these resources for easy access. This effort led to the creation of a wiki page of committee-curated resources with an aim to educate ourselves and to contribute to conversations about racism, diversity, inclusion, equity, bias, and other related topics.

Hosted Learning Opportunities

To continue learning about various D & I topics, the committee scheduled a Racial Geography Campus Tour, led by Vice Provost Ted Gordon. Our group has also hosted guest speakers and (in partnership with our department’s Career & Professional Development Committee) an interactive Intersectionality & Allyship workshop by the Gender & Sexuality Center.