FAS Language Services Pilot

Dear FAS colleagues,

As the university’s strategic planning effort continues moving forward, FAS is also renewing its focus on talent management which requires us to be intentional in how we approach engaging employees. We want to not only achieve our business objectives but also encourage and support connections between employees, their leadership and their peers. Our decisions around how we recruit, retain, lead, develop and promote employees have an impact on all that we do in addition to the individual experience of each employee.

Equity, diversity and inclusion remain mission-critical to the FAS culture. Our responsibility to each other is to create conditions that reflect our core values and support the growth and inclusion of all FAS employees. As part of a path forward, we’re launching a pilot program to help meet the needs of our diverse and multilingual workforce and customer base.

FAS Language Services will provide written and spoken translation services from certified and impartial professionals. The goal is to facilitate two-way communication in languages that best support our employees both in receiving information and in expressing themselves. For more information, including how to access services, I encourage everyone to visit the FAS Language Services web page.

Although this pilot program will not fully meet all language needs in our portfolio, it is a good step toward better understanding our diverse language needs while encouraging positive interactions and relationships between coworkers, employees and managers, as well as between service providers and customers. We acknowledge that our workplace is more multilingual than it has been traditionally, and our operations, business practices and systems need to adapt accordingly.

This pilot is an example of moving from awareness to action in creating meaningful change in the many decisions, practices and processes that impact us all.

Additionally, the FAS EDI Committee will continue to guide and inform how we practice inclusiveness in our daily interactions at work. Future data from the EDI Learning Survey launched last fall and the university’s forthcoming Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Action Plan will also help us benchmark the effectiveness of our current practices and set ambitious but achievable goals to leverage the very best of our talent.


Darrell Bazzell, signature

Darrell Bazzell (he/him/his)
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
The University of Texas at Austin

March 1, 2022