FAS Core Values Awards

May 9, 2022

Dear FAS colleagues,

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As I mentioned in my recent email about the university’s 10-year strategic plan, there is room within the plan for all of us to make a difference, and we in FAS, as individuals, will be recipients of positive changes to come. One aspect of the plan calls for us to honor and recognize staff achievements more frequently and clearly.

What the UT Strategic Plan Means for FAS

May 4, 2022

Dear FAS colleagues,

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This week President Jay Hartzell officially released the university’s 10-year strategic plan titled “Change Starts Here: UT’s Strategic Plan to Increase Impact” with the goal of becoming the highest impact public university in the world.

Performance Appraisals, Flexible Work, and Employee Appreciation 2022

April 27, 2022

Dear FAS colleagues,

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Annual performance appraisals provide employees and managers a valuable opportunity to start a two-way conversation about goals and career pathways while also assessing any flexible work arrangements that may be in place.

FAS EDI Committee Partners with HealthPoint on “Deserving of Joy: The Impact of Trauma on the Black Community and the Quest for Keeping the Joy”

Jan. 26, 2022

To commemorate Black History Month, the FAS Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee and HealthPoint are hosting their third gathering of the Building Community During Times of Change series.

    National Native American Heritage Month serves as reminder of campus diversity and environmental stewardship

    Nov. 23, 2021

    Great strides have been made in recent years to recognize more formally the history of the Americas prior to European colonization. In 2020, UT Austin’s Native American and Indigenous Studies program released a Land Acknowledgement for use across the university to demonstrate respect for the historic and current presence of Indigenous Peoples in the Greater Austin area and statewide.

    Thank you for another successful year

    Dec. 13, 2021

    Dear FAS colleagues,

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    As we approach the end of 2021, I want to thank all of you for your outstanding work keeping our university operating smoothly in the face of challenges while also advancing the university’s mission by embracing innovation and teamwork.  

    Announcing the retirement of Juan Ontiveros, Associate Vice President for Utilities and Energy Management

    Sept. 29, 2021

    Dear FAS colleagues,

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    Please join me in thanking Associate Vice President for Utilities and Energy Management Juan Ontiveros as he retires from the university after more than two decades of service. Juan’s last day with the university will be December 15. He has led the Utilities and Energy Management (UEM) department in various roles since 1997, and has served as AVP since 2014.

    FAS EDI Learning Survey

    Sept. 2, 2021

    Please respond to FAS EDI Learning Survey by Friday, September 24, to provide input on how the portfolio will move forward with trainings.

    Utility and Energy Management promotes Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion with the Employee Engagement Plan

    Aug. 18, 2021

    Employees from Utilities and Energy Management (UEM) at the University of Texas at Austin began an employee engagement initiative in 2018 to promote an equitable, diverse and inclusive environment within the organization.