User Services

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The User Services (US) team provides direct and online support to facilitate the effective use and development of the financial and administrative information systems, tools, and processes for the benefit of the university business community.

Support Areas

  • User Services Help Line, 512-471-8802 - Support for *DEFINE, FRMS, HRMSWorkday and other university accounting information on the Web. The help line is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-noon and 1-4 p.m., and also responds to email questions sent to
  • The askus icon icon links to a repository of answers to frequently asked questions about university-wide systems and processes. Use the Ask a Question tab to get one-on-one support from a US team member. Note: User Services cannot comment on policies; however, team members can help guide users with policy questions to the appropriate business area.
  • Accounting Classes - Training resources for *DEFINE and other university accounting procedures.
  • Communication Lists - Responsible for maintaining and distributing various communications regarding administrative system updates and news.
  • Documentation - US develops and maintains the Handbook of Business Procedures, writes online help for *DEFINE, and publishes training materials.
  • Web pages - US develops and maintains Web pages for Accounting and Financial Management, Budget Office, Business Contracts, HUB, Payroll Services, Purchasing, Payment Services, and Financial and Administration Services. Web update requests for these FAS Web pages can be sent to
  • The Signature Desk —The Signature Desk team is made up of members from US that can assist with manual signature authorizations and unit code maintenance such as creating, updating, moving, and deleting units. To submit a request, use the Signature Desk Request Form.
  • TXShop—The TXShop stewards are members of the US team. For more information about TXShop, visit the About TXShop page.