FAS Strategic Plan

"Why do these goals matter? They matter because they are grounded in our values, they connect our daily activities with the commitments we’ve made as an organization and allow us to measure the degree of our success in supporting this great institution."

Darrell Bazzell, Senior Vice President and CFO

Diversity: We believe the best ideas are born from sharing viewpoints, opinions, and perceptions from colleagues with varied backgrounds and experiences.

Innovation: We are creative and innovative in our service to the campus community.

Integrity: We perform our work in a transparent, honest, and accountable manner. We also commit to meeting all compliance and reporting standards.

Service: We are customer service oriented and offer responsive, reliable and seamless support.

Stewardship: We are exceptional caretakers of the resources entrusted to FAS.

Teamwork: We work collaboratively across our organizations on common objectives and develop efficient and cost-effective systems and processes for campus.