FAS Strategic Plan Message - August 2018

A message from Darrell Bazzell, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
August 2018

The success of a top tier research institution depends on a seamless, effective, and efficient infrastructure of support. At The University of Texas at Austin, the Financial and Administrative Services (FAS) portfolio is dedicated to providing that world-class support to our faculty, students, and researchers as they change the world. And, because we serve the flagship university of Texas, nothing short of delivering the best will do. 

The FAS Strategic Plan provides our employees with a path for attaining that vision while expressing a promise to our campus community. Each FAS staff member provides a service that is fundamental to the success of the university’s teaching, research, and public service mission. Achieving in every department, at every level, and in every employee role requires shared direction and clarity of purpose. 

That’s why I asked representatives from various FAS departments and different levels across our portfolio to participate in the creation of our strategic plan. Individuals from varied backgrounds and operations generously contributed their time and perspectives to deliver an aspirational framework with relevance to all members of our organization. 

The FAS Strategic Plan describes our collective vision (desired organizational future), mission (what we do) and values (our behavioral compass). Our FAS goals demonstrate that we are practicing our values, we are aligned in our purpose, and even though we work in very diverse professions, we are connected by HOW we do the work that serves the university community. 

Why do these goals matter? They matter because they are grounded in our values, they connect our daily activities with the commitments we’ve made as an organization and allow us to measure the degree of our success in supporting this great institution. If executed correctly, progress toward these goals will mean that we have an organization that is stronger and more agile, has more capacity, is more inclusive, is more trusted and is more creative. We will have firm basis for addressing new and emerging challenges as we continue to support the mission of the university.

FAS is proud to serve and strengthen UT Austin as it educates and enriches the world, and we appreciate your interest in and support of our strategic plan.

Darrell Bazzell