Implementation of FAS Core Values - October 2019

A message from Darrell Bazzell, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
October 2019

Last year representatives from various FAS departments and different levels across our portfolio participated in the creation of our FAS Strategic Plan. Individuals from varied backgrounds and operations generously contributed their time and perspectives to deliver an aspirational framework with relevance to all members of our organization.

The plan describes our collective vision (desired organizational future), mission (what we do) and values (our behavioral compass). The values – diversity, innovation, integrity, service, stewardship, and teamwork – each have a strategic goal. These goals are important because they are grounded in our values, they connect our daily activities with the commitments we've made as an organization, and they allow us to measure the degree of our success in supporting this great institution.

Since the plan was published, FAS Operational Committees have worked to articulate the strategic goals into actionable, measurable activities that align us in how we practice the values together as a portfolio.

It's now time for us to take the next step in this important work, and you have a key role in helping us be successful.

The plan is a multi-year project. Year one starts now and ends on May 31, 2020.

You are the face of our organization and I recognize that you already demonstrate diversity, innovation, integrity, service, stewardship, and teamwork in your daily work. I also appreciate that different units may take different approaches to implement these shared values. Measuring ourselves against standardized metrics will give us commonality as we strengthen the portfolio’s foundation and set the stage for further excellence. Training and templates will be provided to assist units with this effort.

This framework establishes a common approach for the portfolio and orients us towards a culture of continuous improvement. Each unit’s operations as they relate to the values may differ, but all of the values are equally important and related to one another.

Implementation of the core values is a shared responsibility. Your participation is vital to the success of this effort.

Please take the time to review the information and consider how you will engage to support your unit, FAS and the university. Visit the FAS Strategic Plan page to:

  • Learn about each core value.
  • Read the History and Background of the Strategic Plan efforts to learn more about how we got here.
  • Read the Year One Implementation details to understand where we are headed.
  • Review the available resources to help you get started.

Our work on the strategic plan is laying the foundation for our portfolio’s future. It will guide each of our unit’s priorities for the years to come, and I will depend on you and our 2,500 colleagues to help us achieve our goals.

Your supervisor will be reaching out with more information and the next steps. In the meantime, please let them know if you have any questions. I’ll also continue to share information about each value and our work over the course of this first year.


Darrell Bazzell