FAS Values 2019-20 Implementation Plan

Key Points

  • The FAS strategic plan is a multi-year project with a focus on continuous improvement.
  • Every year FAS will set goals, implement, assess, and adjust.
  • Responsibility for implementation is shared by FAS leadership and each unit.
  • Each unit’s current operations related to each value may differ. This framework guides the portfolio towards a common approach.
  • All units will work on all six values every year.

Year One Implementation

The actions described below relate to year one only. In November 2019, AVPs will provide a plan to FAS for how their areas will integrate this work.

Future actions will build upon the work FAS performs this year. FAS is committed to continuous improvement.

All FAS Values

Year One Actions

FAS Level

  • Coordinate the current state assessment approach.
  • Identify training opportunities.
  • Provide guidance on and templates for metrics.


Year One Diversity Goal

  • By August 2019 develop a strategy for maximizing diversity and inclusivity in the FAS workforce and their daily operations that aligns with the university’s commitment to respecting all individuals and valuing each perspective and experience.

Year One Diversity Actions

FAS Level

  • Identify and coordinate appropriate training.
  • Support HR in establishing recruitment policy and strategy.

Unit Level

  • Review and understand unit’s workforce diversity data.
  • Identify opportunities for growing diversity.
  • Implement recruitment policy and strategy when released by HR.


Year One Innovation Goal

  • Continue cultivating a culture of innovation where the idea of improvement to satisfy the needs and expectations of the university is encouraged and implemented throughout the portfolio by 2020.

Year One Innovation Actions

FAS Level

  • Create and manage FAS-wide Innovation Council that can serve as a think tank and resource for supporting innovation. They will help with:
    • Offering opportunities for employees to come together to discuss ideas, learn from each other and get input. (Innovation Forums)
    • Establishing a method to encourage idea generation. (Idea pipeline)
  • Track portfolio-wide innovative ideas for possible implementation.

Unit Level

  • Leaders identify individuals for the Innovation Council.
  • Generate new ideas.
  • Implement innovative ideas when appropriate.


Year One Integrity Goal

  • By August 2020 solidify an environment that supports trust, transparency, accountability, and fairness to empower FAS employees to make choices with the highest integrity that align with the University’s mission.

Year One Integrity Actions

FAS Level

  • Create tools to build awareness of the six attributes of integrity (trust, honesty, accountability, respect, transparency, and ethics).
  • Provide training on all attributes of integrity.
  • Work with leaders to establish expectations for ethical behavior.

Unit Level

  • Utilize the Integrity Organizational Assessment.
  • Identify areas for growth.

Individual Level

  • Utilize the Integrity Self-Assessment.
  • Identify areas for growth.

All members of FAS

  • Participate in University-wide Honor Texas initiative


Year One Service Goal

  • Create a comprehensive service framework for the FAS portfolio by August 2020 that sets clear expectations to meet customer needs and support the overall University mission.

Year One Service Actions

FAS Level

  • Determine measurement approach and provide a template for the portfolio.
  • Coordinate reporting of metrics.
  • Identify training resources for setting SLAs, KPIs, and metrics.

Unit Level

  • Identify customers.
  • Understand the needs of the customers.
  • Identify and define services.
  • Learn how to set SLAs and KPIs
  • Create and commit to initial SLA and KPI goals.


Year One Stewardship Goal

  • Develop a systematic approach for the FAS portfolio by August 2020 to ensure university resources are supported, optimized and maintained in the most effective and efficient manner.

Year One Stewardship Actions

FAS Level

  • Determine the necessary details and structure for reporting on the current state of different resources.
  • Work on a data management plan.
  • Coordinate with AVPs to identify strategy for publicizing campus services.
  • Facilitate identification of and address duplicative work.

Unit Level

  • Identify the current state of:
    • Human Resources
    • Physical and Environmental Resources
    • Financial Resources
    • Information Resources
  • Identify opportunities to improve resource utilization.


Year One Teamwork Goal

  • Assure an environment of teamwork is fostered at all levels throughout the FAS portfolio and the university by August 2020 to enhance services, systems, products, and processes.

Year One Teamwork Actions

FAS Level

  • Establish and manage communities of practice across the portfolio.
  • Create opportunities to bring employees together to foster community.

Unit Level

  • Leaders bring teams together regularly to facilitate connections and trust, share resources, and openly brainstorm risks, issues, and solutions.
  • When decisions are being made, consistently utilize stakeholders input to ensure thoughtful decisions.

Additional action items for year one:

  • FAS coordinates and manages work teams. Membership on all teams will be representative of our different units and employees.
    • Advisory committee
      • Support portfolio efforts
      • Serve as guides for units
      • Support overall assessment of how implementation is going
      • Provide input on future strategic activities as organization learns
    • Management system development committee
      • Guide individuals on how to set values-based goals, implement, and self-assess yearly
      • Determine how to add content to performance appraisal
    • Awards committee
      • Includes previous and new members
      • Group establishes:
        • Criteria for awards
        • Timeline