Education and Development

FAS's commitment to supporting our diverse populations is demonstrated by the many workshops offered to staff. The entire portfolio is invited to participate in these, which offer insight into how best to support and better understand one another. Following is a list of workshops available.


Recognizing & Interrupting Implicit Bias in the Workplace | HR, UT Learn
Practicing Inclusion Toolkit | HR (complements Implicit Bias workshop)
Inclusive Hiring | HR, UT Learn
Inclusive Culture | LinkedIn Learning 
Build a More Equitable and Inclusive Workplace | LinkedIn Learning 
Dynamics of Diversity Courses | DDCE
DisABILITY Advocate | SSD
Who Is? | DDCE
Race at UT Summer Series | DDCE
Being Well in the Midst of Racial Trauma | EAP, UT Learn
Affirming LGBTQIA+ People: Interpersonal Allyship (Allyship Toolkit Part 1) | GSC
Affirming LGBTQIA+ People: Organizational Allyship (Allyship Toolkit Part 2) | GSC
Intersectionality & Allyship | GSC
Identifying and Interrupting Sexism in Classrooms and Workplaces | GSC
Working Towards Gender Justice | GSC
Bystander Intervention | BeVocal
* List of EAP trainings by request

Campus Resources

University Diversity, Inclusion and Equity
EAP's Trainings, Groups & Series and Handouts
Texas Center for Disability Studies
The Hogg Foundation
Gender and Sexuality Center
Office for Inclusion and Equity
University Resource Groups