Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee


The purpose of the FAS EDI Committee is to guide the development of initiatives that help build a culture of inclusion, equity, and diversity within FAS, as well as challenge practices that create barriers to inclusion. The committee will represent the voices of our diverse colleagues to ensure that our policies and practices enable inclusion toward positive and sustainable organizational change.

Committee Members 

Committee Charge

  1. Develop awareness and expertise around a wide variety of equity, diversity, and inclusion topics and contributing elements, both external and internal to the portfolio
  2. Share information about unit EDI activities aligned with FAS strategic goals and best practices
  3. Provide insights to leadership about progress toward EDI goals and strategies
  4. Meet regularly to discuss and engage regarding the alignment of FAS’s efforts with the university diversity plan, including best practices, projects, initiatives, events, and other strategies, as well as any obstacles to implementation

Engagement Guidelines

Members and invited guests abide by the guidelines below to demonstrate their dedication to the committee’s purpose and respect for other members. 

Teamwork & Collaboration 

  • Behave in a courteous, professional, collegial, and helpful manner. 
  • Do not repeat specific details of experiences or opinions outside of the committee’s meetings unless required by a policy such as SB 212
  • Share information, resources, credit, and opportunities with others when appropriate and as permitted. 
  • Demonstrate a positive and empowering attitude. 
  • Establish positive working relationships and speak respectfully with and of other team members and represented divisions. 
  • Give and receive thoughtful feedback in service of personal and/or group improvement. 


  • Express ideas and information in a manner that is complete, clear, and respectful. 
  • Actively and conscientiously strive to communicate with language that is free of bias (racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, etc.), and respectfully engage when biases arise. 
  • Practice active listening, open-mindedness, and mindfulness when engaging with others. 
  • Use university email and/or Teams for official committee communication; notify the Chair if this is not possible. 
  • Notify the Chair if contact information or job status change.  

Professional Demeanor 

  • Demonstrate knowledge of institutional and portfolio mission, goals, objectives, and programs. 
  • Consistently attend meetings, engage in discussion, and provide feedback on behalf of constituents. 
  • Respond to information and meeting request emails within three business days or by the due date specified in the request.  
  • When applicable, complete assigned tasks on time. 

Initiative & Creativity 

  • Assume responsibility for work and be a self-starter. 
  • Seek out or willingly accept assignments, anticipate future needs and/or challenges, and voluntarily recommend appropriate actions.
  • Discover and recommend concepts, ideas, and improvements. 
  • Share relevant learning and development opportunities and participate in those suggested by others.