TX Admin Group

The TX Admin Group, a subset of the Council of University Business Officers, is comprised of Chief Business Officers of academic units. The group meets regularly to collaborate on issues unique to academic units. Business owners are invited to discuss ideas, best practices, policies and procedures.

Common topics discussed include:

  • Budget administration and financial reporting
  • Expenses management, procurement, business contract management, cash management, student financial support and payment services
  • Information technology innovations
  • Sponsored contracts and grants management
  • HR and payroll related policies
  • Gifts, pledges, endowed and non-endowed gift compliance and reporting
  • Equipment inventory management
  • Records management
  • Domestic and foreign travel management
  • Staff development best practices, education and training
  • Standard operating procedures for self-supporting and service centers
  • Business process improvement


  Name Email
Architecture: Jeff Evelyn jeffevelyn@utexas.edu
Cockrell School of Engineering: Wes Queen wqueen@mail.utexas.edu
Moody College of Communication: Kimberly Biar biar@austin.utexas.edu
Dell Medical School: Susie Scheffler susie.scheffler@austin.utexas.edu
Education: C.J. Keudell keudell@austin.utexas.edu
Fine Arts: Cathy Kothlow kothlow@mail.utexas.edu
Information: Kamar Nassor knassor@ischool.utexas.edu
Jackson School of Geosciences: Adam Mena adammena@austin.utexas.edu
Law School: Melinda Heidenreich melinda@austin.utexas.edu
LBJ School: Amy Miller amy.miller@austin.utexas.edu
Liberal Arts: Christian Rafidi christian.rafidi@austin.utexas.edu
McCombs School of Business: Caitlin Mullaney caitlin.mullaney@mccombs.utexas.edu
Natural Sciences: Ricardo Medina ricardo.medina@austin.utexas.edu
Nursing: Margaret Hill mhill@mail.nur.utexas.edu
Pharmacy: Joe Sosler joe.sosler@austin.utexas.edu
Steve Hicks School of Social Work: Lizet Villagrana lizetv@austin.utexas.edu