Our Shared Values

See Teamwork in action across the FAS Portfolio


Diversity, Innovation, Integrity, Service, Stewardship, Teamwork


Diversity: We believe the best ideas are born from sharing viewpoints, opinions, and perceptions from colleagues with varied backgrounds and experiences.


Innovation: We are creative and innovative in our service to the campus community.


Integrity: We perform our work in a transparent, honest, and accountable manner. We also commit to meeting all compliance and reporting standards.


Service: We are customer service oriented and offer responsive, reliable and seamless support.


Stewardship: We are exceptional caretakers of the resources entrusted to FAS.


Teamwork: We work collaboratively across our organizations on common objectives and develop efficient and cost-effective systems and processes for campus.

2022 FAS Core Values Awards

View the winners of the 2022 FAS Core Values Awards!  The Core Values Awards are designed to provide a portfolio-wide staff recognition and awards program while the university and FAS undergo strategic planning. Future awards, recognition programs, and activities will be determined through that planning work. 

Recognition and Awards for Employees and Teams

  • FAS will honor up to as many as 5 individuals within their teams or from across the portfolio for each core value
    • Diversity
    • Innovation
    • Integrity
    • Service
    • Stewardship
  • FAS will honor up to as many as 5 groups/teams for a group Teamwork award. Due to the collaborative nature of our work, nominators may nominate people outside of their division or unit for any of the awards, particularly for the Teamwork award as this will serve to further reinforce the connectivity and synergy in our work. The Teamwork award will emphasize cross-team collaboration.
  • Awards may include monetary awards, certificates, UT swag bags, and invitations to an engagement with Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Darrell Bazzell.


  • Any FAS employee can nominate any staff member within their unit or within FAS for any of the individual core values awards. There is no limit on the number of submissions; however, the number of submissions will not impact an individual’s chances of winning an award.
  • Individuals may be nominated for more than one individual core value award. Individuals may be eligible to win both an individual award and a team award. Individuals may not be awarded two individual awards.
  • Directors and above are not eligible to be nominated for awards. However, a Leadership Award will be designed as part of an ongoing, permanent awards program.
  • All employees must be in good standing with the university and not be undergoing any corrective action. Winners will be vetted by their supervisors before being selected as a winner.
  • Nominators should reference the Core Value definitions in the FAS Strategic plan to inspire their nominations.
  • For inspiration, nominators can access previous stories of colleagues and teams based on the Core Value category tag from the FAS News website.

Questions and Submissions

  • Nominators should use this Smartsheet form to submit their nominations.
  • Nominations will include a shortlist of questions that will be scored by an awards committee to identify up to 5 individuals for each individual core value award and up to 5 teams/groups for the teamwork award. Nominators should limit their responses to 500 words.
  • The deadline to submit is June 5, 2022.

Questions for the Diversity, Innovation, Integrity, Service, and Stewardship Awards

Question #1 How does the employee exemplify the core value?
Question #2 What projects, initiatives, programs, or activities has the employee completed that support this nomination?
Question #3 Why should this individual be one of 5 winners of this core value award?

Questions for the Teamwork Award

Question #1 – Teamwork award How does this team exemplify the core value of teamwork with a focus on collaborating with other teams?
Question #2 – Teamwork award What projects, initiatives, programs, or activities has this team collaborated on that support this nomination?
Question #3 – Teamwork award Why should this team be one of 5 teams honored with a teamwork award?